Woodman Arms Manufactures stainless steel replacement barrels for TC Encore, Omega and CVA Paramounts. These barrels are high quality upgrades to the factory barrels. They also convert your existing muzzleloader into a smokeless capable rifle. Sub moa accuracy can be expected with these barrels. We guarantee the quality wont be beat, and more, the price is much lower than any custom built option available.

TC Omega barrels are offered in .40 and .45 caliber button rifled or Brux cut rifled options.. These barrels have a one piece stainless steel block welded on the barrel. Ignition is easily headspaced for either 209 primers or LR modules using our adjustable breech plugs. We also include an aluminum picatinny rail which is held on with 6 screws. Click here to see options.

TC Encore barrels are offered in .40 and .45 Brux cut rifled options only. Our Encore barrels feature a quick removeable extractor for use with LR modules. Simply pull the extractor out or push back in to install. 209 primers can also be used with no extractor. Includes an aluminum picatinny rail held on by 6 screws. Click here to see options.

CVA Paramount barrels are offered in .40 and .45 caliber Brux cut rifled options. An indexable bolt nose converts the rifle to use LR Modules. If you own a Paramount with a poor quality barrel, this is a very cost effective upgrade. With this upgrade you will have a sub moa smokeless bolt action muzzleloader. Our bolt nose is 3 components machined from 17-4 stainless and is mechanically indexable, not locked with Loctite. If you have previously upgraded your Paramount with an Arrowhead plug and bolt nose, your modules and bolt nose can be used with our upgrade.

All of our barrels are treated with nitride to offer the best corrosion protection in the industry. This treatment is applied in the bore, the most important part of your barrel. All of our breech plugs made from 17-4 stainless steel. These plugs will never rust or corrode.