Patriot muzzleloader lead times are estimated at up to 20 weeks. We are currently building orders placed around Jan 12 2024. There may be several orders prior to this date that are not complete because they are waiting for components.

Please check here for status updates. As we complete orders, this is updated.

New Smokeless Muzzleloader Kit

Remington 700/Clone compatible

Save thousands of dollars and build a smokeless muzzleloader on your existing action with this kit! Use your existing action with this kit.

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Complete barrel kit

We offer a complete kit for easy DIY assembly. Our system does not require a gunsmith or machine work to build your smokeless capable, bolt action muzzleloader.

We offer installation of these kits for those who are not able or do not have the tools.

Concealed Headspace System

Our "CHS", Concealed Headspace System is the heart of these kits for easy and quick installation on a Rem 700/Clone action.

muzzleloader hunting
Patrick Guyette, 2023

lanny benoit muzzleloader hunting
Lanny & Glenn, Maine 2023